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Personal官方介绍Personal-Life-GuardWhat is Personal-Life-Guard??? Personal-Life-Guard? is an easy to use personal tracking application (App) developed to keep people safe and in touch. ? This application complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Work Alone policy and is available for all Android phones and tablets.? Simply by checking in on your PLG App; your family, friends and or co-workers need not worry. PLG is with you everywhere you go as your constant Personal-Life-Guard?. ? This application has been designed to allow the user to notify the account administrator that they have responded to their check-in symbol. When installed and setup onto a smart device, the PLG application instantly begins to send and receive signals through the devices GPS functions. This tracking aspect of the application allows the user to stay connected with their chosen contACTs and provide tracing information in case of an emergency. For safety and privacy reasons, the account administrator will have overall access to the account information. *Please Note: It is at the discretion of your contact people to make contact with you. Further emergency information is sent via e-mail to your contact people.? Personal, Family and Commercial accounts are available making this application accessible to anyone who is looking to stay connected to those around to them.How to start using Personal-Life-Guard?? Install the PLG application onto your Android smart device and follow the simple setup instructions.? Now visit to complete the required registration and payment information.Payment Options:Family and Personal plans – payable through Paypal or all major credit cards.Commercial – payable through Paypal or all major credit cards or Paypal. Direct billing is available.Special Consideration - If you are over 65 and or disabled there is no charge for this service.手机Personal app截图



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